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It Takes More Than Singing Lessons.........                                                             

Frustrated with wasted time, money and lack of desired results?

Artists, producers and managers highly recommend my guaranteed vocal training.

~ I heartily recommend Frankie, both as a person, and as a professional.  I have found him to be a person of total integrity and pleasant to work with.  You will find him to be dedicated to his work.  Frankie has a unique ability to call forth the best in vocalists. - Reverend Eleanor B., contemporary Christian ensemble

~ When I heard you were in PSL I had my doubts as to the quality of your training.  Unlike other "vocal coaches", so glad I found you. - Eddie K., manager of Rock/Pop client

~ Yeah!  That's what I want to hear in her voice.  Difference is day and night.  You are worth every dollar.  I highly recommend you. - Chester C., producer/manager of R&B client

~ He tore the place up.... the audience went wild!! - Chester C., producer/manager of R&B client (Recurring use of my services for his talent roster.)

~ Thank you for helping me with my rock technique.  I'm on the road, but will schedule more sessions when I return to FL. - Alice P., Pop/Rock recording artist (Tour Preparation) 

~ You're very passionate about your training.  Thank you for helping me prepare for my recording session, vocals sound awesome! - Elizabeth F. (Vocal Pre-Production)

~ Those were tears of joy.  My singing has come such a long way.  Wow, freakin' amazing!!!  Completely surprised me, the best I've ever sounded.  A great big difference and change in my voice.  It sounds great!  I love what I'm hearing, I love my voice!  I'm really digging it!  Thank you Frankie, you're the man! - Jared M. (Client had previous harmful and damaging training of more than a year from a national guitar store and two local "vocal coaches".)

~ Wow!  Is that my voice?  Awesome!  I'm so excited.  You are phenomenal!  I'm so happy I found you.  You're so nice, I really appreciate you.  I am beyond grateful that I've been able to learn from you.  Thank you so very much for taking me on as a student and patiently and devotedly working with me.  You are so patient, focused and encouraging.  I have a ton of respect for you and you are definitely someone I will think of often and never forget. - Sydney T. (Client had previous unsuccessful training from local music teacher and professional singer.)

~ What a tremendous transformation in my singing.  We've come a long way together.  I feel very comfortable with you.  You're more than a vocal coach, you're a great teacher. - Jill C. (Beginner Vocal Training to Recording Session Vocal Coaching.)

~ I never heard that great sound in my voice before.  Thank you so much for helping me out with my singing and in everything.  I really really  appreciate you.  I'm humbled that you worked with me.  You're a good guy with a lot of experience in the music industry. - Carina S., Pop/Rock recording artist

~ I actually got a standing ovation at the audition.  The music director said my voice is fabulous and offered me a solo.  I am so grateful to have a great teacher. - Kelly M.

~ Wasn't sure if I could sing.  Wow, I cannot believe the difference in my voice in such a short time.  It was like an out of body experience. - Casey L.

~ Thank you Frankie.  Since giving my daughter sessions, venue operators have praised her improvement.  They've asked her to be a featured artist. - Bill K., father of 15 yr. old client

~ I always thought my daughter had a beautiful voice, but now it sounds phenomenal.  She'll be sure to thank you by name when she accepts her Grammy :) - Heidi F., mother of 15 yr. old client (Client had previous limited and questionable results using internet products.)

~ At first your rates seemed high until I began sessions.  You're  very good at what you do.  My voice is amazing!  You are amazing!! - Joan E.

~ Wow!  What a difference in my voice after one session.  I'm very excited.  When I accept my Grammy, I'll give a thanks to Frankie. - Courtland F., Nashville recording artist


~ It was absolutely amazing working with you.  I'm humbled. - Bria W.

~ Frankie, you are off the chain!!! - Rosie D.

~ Wow astonishing, amazing, sh*t  you're really good.  You're the fourth coach I've worked with, never got these results.  Strait up crazy!! - Cameron P.