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It Takes More Than Singing Lessons.........                                                             


Greetings!  Thank you for taking the time to view my website.  My name is Frankie Zaccaro.  I am a vocal specialist and creative voice expert helping clients from professional recording/touring artists to career-minded beginners.  My professional life is devoted to providing the training, support and guidance that the music industry requires.  It takes more than singing lessons.  As a personal vocal coach, my passion for vocal excellence obligates me to work with a limited number of clients to ensure total focus, dedication and commitment to your career.  The results I give you are what separate a mediocre singer from a star quality performer. 

I am a been there, done that, music industry veteran who knows what it takes to succeed.  It is not only 'what' I teach you, but 'how' I teach you that is vital to your success.  My unique and extensive experience and education have qualified me to develop my innovative Enhanced Technique TrainingTM approach.

Others may imitate my approach, but none can duplicate the results I give you.  You are guaranteed to receive safe vocal skills to last a musical lifetime, unrivaled benefits and dramatic results in hours, not months or years.  I will help you to access and realize your highest potential, gain the crucial competitive edge and empower you to achieve all that you imagine and more.  (see "Testimonials")

Commercial Music Industry Facts: 
Top vocal coaches do not give instrumental lessons.  Top vocal coaches do not have current performance careers.
Top vocal coaches are voice experts and full time vocal coaches.

Research has shown the traditional in-person method of training to be more effective than virtual training.
What this means to you is that you will have greater possibilities of commercial success
by training in-person with a highly qualified personal vocal coach like myself.